129/349 - 142/347


NEW 129/349b R8 - $800 MS 63 60% bright with a touch of iridescence. Nice sharp strike, an excellent example. Ex Joe Levine & the Robert Marcus collection of Lincoln Campaign Tokens

NEW 1939 Lincoln Group token - $70 MS 65 Fully bright aluminum. Uses original 129 die as proclaimed on the reverse.

NEW 1939 CSNA token - $85 MS 66 Fully bright aluminum. Uses original 129 die as proclaimed on the reverse.

131/479b R8 NGC MS 64 - $1400. 25mm diameter. Obverse 20% luster, reverse 50% luster. Ex Robert Marcus collection of Lincoln Campaign tokens. In pristine NGC holder 2394708-016

131A/349Aa R8 NGC MS 64 - $1400. 22mm diameter. Obverse has a trace of red luster around the letters, reverse is brown with traces of rose and gun metal blue when held at the right angle.  In pristine NGC holder 2394708-017

131A/349Ab R7 NCS Unc details - Reduced $925 $975 22.3 mm diameter. I grade as MS-64, about 60% satiny luster. NGC noted “Mount removed.” true, but as is the case for all 131A/349A, I have seen a few, and the reeding is missing at the top for all of them. I believe the loops were removed at time of manufacture. In a pristine NCS holder #2429201-008

SOLD 132/149a R4 - $425 MS 63 20% red, very attractive small-size political. Purchased in 2001 from Joe Levine of Presidential Coin & Antiques.

SOLD 135/440a R2 - $125 NGC 64 20% red. Broken out of NGC slab 1716760-003, original tag included. 10% red and iridescent as seen in photos. Weak center strike as always.

SOLD 137/395a R1 - $90 MS 63 Trace red obverse, 10% red reverse. Plate for die 395 in the new patriotic catalog, also appears there on page 54 as an example of a straight clip. (Token planchet cut so that it hangs over the edge of the planchet stock)

NEW 142/347b R7 - $950 NGC MS 65 PL Gorgeous little gem with a touch of iridescence on the obverse. Photo doesn’t begin to do the token justice. I find these very reflective tokens hard to capture with my setup. Broken out of the NGC slab 1701993-018, the original tag included with the sale.

138/255f R8 NGC MS-63 - Reduced $1175 $1250. Toned uncirculated McClellan. Ex Mark Glazer & Dr. Larkin Wilson collections. In a pristine NGC holder #2429201-009