CWT 142/348 - 178/267


168/168 incuse R9 NGC AU 58 - $1750 Full brockage of popular canon die. Broken out of NGC slab, original label included 1710445-003.

151/430a NGC AU 55 BN - Reduced $275 $325. Another large, off-center strike - 20%. In pristine NGC holder 2394708-018

NEW 142/348f R9 - $850 MS 61 PL 60% bright with a distinct blue cast, especially in the device crevices. Two very slight rim bumps appear on the reverse rim edge and aren’t on the edge or obverse rim. The token’s reflectivity makes them seem much more noticeable than they are in hand. Die 348 (Military display with no date) is rare, and extremely hard to come by in decent condition. It comes paired with 129, 130 and 142.

NEW 155/400a R4 - $90 VF 25 and nice for an Indiana Primitive

SOLD 163/352a R2 - $60 MS 64 5% red, beautiful little token. “Union” is in relief on 163 as opposed to incuse on 164. It is always less than fully struck with corresponding slight weakness on the reverse. This token is the plate for both 163 and 352 in the new Patriotic Catalog.

Reserved 164/312b R9 - $260 MS 62 Attractive toned brass, distinct Scovill yellow. Rare off-metal.

SOLD 165/400a R5 - $110 EF 45 Attractive and scarce Indiana Primitive patriotic.

NEW 173/272a R2 - $60 MS 63 5% red.

NEW 177/271a R4 - $185 MS 65 10% red. Pictured on page 59 of the new Patriotic Catalog.

NEW 178/266a R3 - $100 NGC MS 62 silvery luster as pictured. Weak obverse rim strike as always. Broken out of NGC slab 1701962-004, original tag included with sale.

NEW 178/267a R1 - $120 MS 64 trace red. Broken out of NGC slab 1727620-004, original tag included with sale.