15/319 - 34/276


19/396a R2 MS - $39 I call it a 63 and well struck for the issue

23/306b R4 MS - $95 I call it a 61 because of the obverse 1mm spot which is not as blatant as the photo makes it appear. I’ll take a new picture and repost, this is actually an attractive token, bright yellow original surfaces. One of the best /earliest 23 dies I’ve seen which often have lots of radial die striations.

NEW 15/319a R2 MS-65 - $110 Mostly red. Fine obverse die rust and a die break through ARMY.

NEW 16/300a R3 MS-64 - $80 Partly red. Beautiful token by Leichtweis of NYC, with his distinctive Army & Navy die style.

NEW 18/300a R2 MS-63 - $75 Partly red. Another beautiful by Leichtweis token.

NEW 18/304a R6 MS-64 - $110 10% red. High grade example of this Leichtweis design which features a very low relief reverse die.

NEW 29/303a R2 MS-63 - $65 trace red, Emil Sigel’s interpretation of Ms. Liberty. Reverse signed E S at base of wreath. 

SOLD 32/275a R5 MS-62 - $125 Partly red, patriotic by S.D. Childs of Chicago featuring his distinctive Ms. Liberty wearing a cornet tiara. Brown patina a little lighter on the cheek and wreath bow. PCv6 plate for die 275.

NEW 34/276a R5 MS-63 - $105 Obverse partly red, reverse about half red.  Obverse die break between stars 1 & 2 and spreading towards 3. Wreath bow weak as it is opposite the head.