180/430 - 221/324


189/399b R8 MS 63 Reduced $195 $210MS-63 yellow brass. Slight dark area hidden in reverse star. Ex C. Urquhart collection.

193A/470Aa R8 NGC XF40 Reduced $1225 $1400Rare patriotic token using R8 patriotic dies. Referred to as a “half-card” in the patriotic guide since the obverse is patriotic, while the reverse die is more commonly seen in the storecard series. Plate for die 470A in the new patriotic catalog.

NEW 180/430a R4 - $190 MS 64 20% red. Variety that comes with a full, strong legend “Hero of Pea Ridge” unlike the more common 180/341. Plate for die 180 in the new patriotic catalog. In my collection since 1980 when it was purchased from Bowers & Ruddy.

NEW 188/384a R3 - $175 MS 64 10% red. Popular beehive signed “CDH” for Horter of New York City. Plate for die 384 in the new patriotic catalog.

SOLD 197/380a R2 - $60 MS 64 Obverse signed E.S. for Emil Sigel of NYC. In my collection since 1974.

SOLD 206/320a R1 - $65 MS 63 80% red.

SOLD 209/414a R2 - $70 AU 58 5% red. Popular “Spoot” error

SOLD 216/293a R3 - $90 MS 63 5% red. Excellent example of token difficult to find in high grade. Can’t find the obverse photo right now but it’s equally nice. Will rephoto soon.

NEW Rulau PA-Ph 455A ca 1870 use of die 217 - $225 MS 65 60% bright, nicer than photo. Famous coin dealer Charles K. Warner. Listed as NC-27b in the 2nd edition Storecard reference where it was assigned a rarity of R5. Purchased from Steve Tanenbaum in 2005 who rated it R5+++ (i.e. R8)

SOLD 219/323b R3 - $135 MS 64 80% bright, attractive yellow brass.

NEW 221/324a R1 - $75 MS 64 50% red, nice!