223/328 - 251/345


NEW 223/328a R2 - $40 MS 63 5-10% red. “By” error in obverse legend.

SOLD 231/352Aa R1 - $75 MS 64 Obv 20% red, rev 50% red. A quintessential patriotic in wonderful condition.

SOLD 235/269a R2 - $40 MS 63 trace red obverse.

NEW 235/269a R2 - $65 MS 63 40% red.

NEW 238/405a R3 - $275 AU 58 Nicely struck and centered. Much scarcer than R3 in this condition! A consummate intersection between two popular collecting categories: Indiana primitives and Monitor tokens.

SOLD 238/405b R8 - $250 The same token as above, but struck in brass. While the color difference isn’t dramatic as it is for Scovill or Stanton, it is still distinctive and unmistakeable.

SOLD 239/421a R3 - $175 MS 63 Beautiful monitor token with 10% red obverse and reverse. Scarcer reverse variety with a ribbon laid across the wreath stems.

NEW 240/337a R1 - $170 MS 64 60% red Monitor token by C.D. Horter.

NEW 240/341a R1 - $170 MS 64 40% red Monitor token by C.D. Horter. Later obverse die state than 240/337 above.

SOLD 244/375Aa R5 - $175 MS 63 scarce variety for the patriotic specialist! Plate for die 375A in the new patriotic catalog.

SOLD 251/345a R5 - $175 MS 62 trace subdued red. One of the only patriotics by Johnston of Cincinnati. Rusted obverse die as always.