CWT 3/273 - 13/297


3/273b R6 EF - $210 Nice bold strike, light reverse scratches. Distinctive dies by Francis Koehler of Baltimore. One of the scarcer Liberty Head designs

4/354g R7 AU - Reduced $950 $1050 A rare token and a prize for the Patriotic collector. I think scarcer than R7 but that rarity was recently reaffirmed in the latest Patriotic Catalog (PCv6). Certainly this example is a “condition rarity.”  I can recall seeing two others ten years ago at Steve Tanenbaum’s table, one was holed and the other had some severe digs. Features distinctive dies used only on this token. This example is the plate token in PCv6 for both the obverse and reverse dies. Obverse has subdued luster, as does the reverse in the bright areas. There are a few “hits” apparent in the obverse turban, above the 6 in the date, and in the area on the reverse by “Not.” I don’t have any incidents of these for sale in my database.

6/268a split planchet NGC MS 62 BN - Reduced $1450 $1650 The entire obverse (except for a little piece of the rim at k10) has flaked off after striking. The impression of the obverse die is still seen. NGC label reads “Rev half of split Plan after strike 2394708-002.”  A 26/0a NGC MS 64 BN split planchet was sold by Steve Hayden in his 30th sale July 2009 for $2174. Click the NGC number to view the certification. For an example of a delaminated planchet that has split, but not detached, see NY 630AC-1a for sale under CWT.

SOLD 5/288a R2 MS 62 - $65 A attractive token and popular dies “God protect the Union” Attractive toning with a touch of iridescence the result of having been stored for a long time in a National album.

SOLD 6C/314a R5 MS 63 - $85 toned satiny luster, very slight reverse die rust. Sole use of R5 die 6C.

SOLD 9/405a R6 EF - $160 Scarce Indiana Primitive in beautiful condition. Get a full compliment of Darius Higgins’ distinctive die punches on the reverse: Maltese cross, holly leaves and Angels trumpets! The Constitution Must and Shall be Preserved!

NEW 9/405b R8 AU 58 - $325 Or is it MS-62? I’ll err on the side of caution. Companion piece to the Indiana primitive above, but in Higgins’ version of brass. Not brilliant yellow like Scovill brasses, but distinctly different, definitely yellow as opposed to reddish. From Benj Fauver in 1985.

SOLD 9/407a R5 VF 35 - $110 Sole use of Higgins’ Proclaim Liberty throughout the land die 407. Attributed to Lincoln, but was earlier cited in the Bible Leviticus 25:10 in reference to a jubilee year every 50 years when you shall free slaves.

SOLD 11/298a R1 MS-64 - $65 Beautiful example of Scovill’s fine work. PCv6 plate photo for 298. Also appears in PCv6 Glossary pg 269 as an example of pantograph marks (concentric circular marks indicative of early die state (despite the incipient die obv break.)

SOLD 13/297a R1 MS-64 - $75 Another beautiful Liberty head. I especially like the regraved 3 in the date. PCv6 plate photo for both dies 13 and 297.