CWT 42/336 - 63/366


SOLD 63/366a R1 NGC MS-65RB - $155 Gorgeous token. Massive reverse die break k2 - k5. In a pristine NGC holder #2421487-005.

45/332a struck off-center NGC AU 55 BN - $750 Struck 62% off-center, the edge of the die matrix is clearly seen. Off-center strikes are not terribly unusual, but this is beyond the pale, I’ve never seen nor heard of another CWT this far off. In pristine NGC holder 2394708-005.

46/335a struck off-center NGC MS 65 BN - $600 Struck 10% off-center, in fabulous MS 65 condition. Beautiful iridescent luster flashes red with copious amounts of sea green. In pristine NGC holder 2394708-006.

51/333a R6 NGC AU 58 BN - $775 Very scarce reverse die, used only on this token. A prize for the Patriotic Specialist. In pristine NGC holder 2394708-007.

NEW 42/336b R7 MS-63 with massive die cud - $400 1864 effort by Horter of New York City. Pictured on page 57 of PCv6 “...the cud is so large that it resembles a cream pie affront to Liberty thrown by some off-stage comedian.”

NEW 43/388a R2 AU-58 - $80 Ms. Liberty signed under the bust L. Leichtweis. Trace red obverse, about 40% red on the reverse. Just a touch of wear on the curls keeps this from 63 or better.

SOLD 47/332a R1 MS-63 - $80 About 40% subdued red, especially the obverse. As early a die state as I’ve seen on this token. The parallel break sharpens and then the entire die area lowers forming a large cud which grows even larger. An interesting issue to collect by die state.

SOLD 53/336b R7 MS 64 - $350 Very attractive raw token. 30% bright brass with cartwheel .

NEW 56/161a R5 MS 63 (or better) - $275 Very attractive raw token. 20% subdued red luster on the obverse. Typical incomplete strike on eagle’s breast. This token appears to have been stored in a 19th century coin cabinet with the 56 side down and the 161 side allowed to tone. Sole use of the reverse die, and most common use of the obverse die.

NEW 60/346a R5 MS 64 - $400 10% red, small clip adds interest. Plate for die 60 in new patriotic catalog.

NEW 51/342b R7 MS 64 - $300. Nice yellow off-metal. Typical late state reverse die.