65A/371 - 94/363


94/363a R6 EF - Reduced $175 $240 One for the Patriotic Specialist - sole use of R6 dies, found only in copper. Dies are worn and filled. I haven’t seen the token in any better grade than this. Very light, old and toned pin scratch in front of nose and on neck mentioned for accuracy and noticeable under a glass. I seen only two others of this variety, both in similar grade. Purchased from Steve Tanenbaum in 2002.

83/264a R5 NGC MS-62BN - Reduced $225 $290 nickel-sized token, sole use of dies and an R5. Broken out from NGC slab, original NGC label included “MS 62BN 1801645-002

NEW 65A/371 R6 MS 63 - $125 Beautiful chocolate brown with subdued luster. Reverse die rust visible in reverse lettering. Plate for die 65A in the new patriotic catalog.

SOLD 68/199b R8 MS 64 - $275 5% obverse luster, 30% scattered reverse luster. Late obverse die state, excellent 199 die example. Plate for die 65A in the new patriotic catalog.

SOLD 69/369 R3 MS 63 - $80 More attractive than photo, 60% red with blazing cartwheel. Plate for die 69 in the new patriotic catalog.

SOLD 70/281a R3 AU 55 - $400 Warm chocolate brown token, sole use of die 281 (1192 in the storecard series).

NEW 73/525a R4 MS 65 - $375 5% red on reverse. Beautiful lustrous fields. Token was double struck with a slight rotation of the obverse die between strikes, noticeable in some of the stars - interesting! Sole marriage of 525 in the patriotic series.

SOLD 76/470a R7 MS 62 - $1150 Popular half-card in brown unc. Sole use of die 470. This example nicer than the plate in the new patriotic catalog. The only other appearance of this die is as 1313 in the store card series where it is only available on OH190A-3, an R5.

SOLD 81/351a R1 MS 63 - $75 Obverse not as mottled as photo appears, reverse is gorgeous, shadow at bottom not apparent on token. Neat obverse die break through the date.

NEW 82/352a R1 MS 63 - $60 5% red, beautiful token, with a great design.

NEW 84/148a R8 MS 62 - $1400. Ever-popular double header featuring an unknown gentleman on the reverse, possibly John Stanton himself. The dark streak on the reverse from K3 to K7 is a toning streak in the fields and over the shoulder is a microscopic scratch, most visible on the leading edge of the shoulder. This token purchased from Steve Tanenbaum who ascribed it to the Joe Kuehnert and Jon Harris collections.

NEW 87/356a R1 MS 63 - $50. 10% red. Purchased from Steve Tanenbaum in 2000 who obtained it from Donald Miller (of the Miller merchant numbers) who had it from W.A. Squier, whose envelope is available with the purchase of this token.

NEW 91/435a R8 AU 58 - $350. Attractive, rare patriotic purchased from Chuck Kirtley in 1983 and in my collection since.