96/144 - 127/428


127/428b R9 NGC MS-63 - Reduced $1550 $1725. About 10% bright in protected recesses. Rare and enigmatic C.L.R. die, which may indicate Charles Louis Roloff, a New York City diesinker. In a pristine NGC holder #2429201-006

115A/530ap R8 - Reduced $1375 $1500 the 6th Edition Patriotic catalog upgrades the rarity from R7 to R8. Very popular and distinctive “Don’t Tread on Me” slogan.

115/466g R9 Reduced $995 $1250 A rare token with the enigmatic initials H. H. and patriotic slogan “Union 1861.” The obverse die is used on several other patriotics. Because of the initials, this token has been added to the Storecard Catalog third revision under Location Unknown as LU-H-1g and its rarity confirmed as R9 (2 - 4 believed extant). I note only one other sale in my database by Ernie Latter on eBay Mar-2009, an NGC Good-4 which he advertised as the Fuld plate token and ex Q.D. Bowers. It brought $912. This token was purchased from Steve Hayden in Dec 2001. At that time Steve knew of one other piece besides that of Bowers, whose pedigree was Joe Kuenert to Larkin Wilson.

115/115A R7 NGC MS 64 - Reduced $1125 $1350. 20.6 mm in diameter. Scarce dies. Obverse has a deep, intense red, reverse is nearly prooflike with flashes of green, blue and pink that don’t show in the photo. In pristine NGC holder 2394708-010.

SOLD 96/144a R9 MS 63 - $1100. 60-70% red, attractive token from F.H. Key of Philadelphia. Signed on the obverse in the Indian’s headdress, and “Key F.” (Fecit, latin for made it) at the truncation of Grant’s bust. Plate for die 144 in the new patriotic catalog.

NEW 99/292a R3 MS 64 - $175. 10% red, weak center strike as always. Attractive token in great condition for the issue.

NEW 103/293a R6 AU 55 - $120. Scarce patriotic die marriage in nice condition. In my collection since 2000.

SOLD 105/358 R4 AU 55 - $75. 10% red, popular Washington in Star die, signed “E. Sigel 177 Willi” 177 William Street the engraver’s address in New York City. Plate for die 358 in the new patriotic catalog.

Reserved 111/271a R3 MS 64 - $90. 70% red, nice strong strike. It has been suggested that the obverse bust more closely resembles George McGovern rather than George Washington ;-)

SOLD 112/396a R1 AU 55 - $65. 10% red, very pretty and attractive token, glossy fields. Weak strike as always. Plate for die 112 and 396 in the new patriotic catalog.

SOLD 117/420a R1 - $75 MS 64 Beautiful lustrous surfaces.

NEW 118/418a R2 - $95 MS 63 60% red, popular token. Plate for die 118 in the new patriotic catalog.

NEW 119/398a R1 - $60 MS 63 5% red, popular 3c trime design reverse.

NEW 120/255b R7 - $325 MS 63 obverse trace bright, reverse partly bright and somewhat iridescent. Bridgen’s “The Washington Token”

NEW 124/294a R7 - $950 MS 64 *much* nicer than photo indicates, I will rephoto this after everything else is posted. In the meantime I’ll email you better pictures if you write. Token has a silvery luster and beautiful fields. Also, is lighter in color than the pictures. Very scarce 124 die, which differs from 125 by having a beaded border.

NEW 125/248a R6 - $425 NGC 64 broken out from NGC slab, original NGC label included with sale. NGC 1886437-011. Beautiful iridescence, flatly struck as always for this issue.

SOLD 113/114Aa R8 NGC MS 65 - $1300. Strikingly beautiful Washington double header. Trace red. NGC 2394708-010