CT250A - IN 350F


IL 500A-2a R7 VF - $110 Previously listed as R9. R6 merchant, reverse die 1357. Neat lock on the obverse.

IL 500I-3a R5 VF - $85 Nice example of 1864 dated flying eagle die 1171. Commonest token from this merchant.

CT 250A-1fp R8 AU only CWT from Montville, CT. Distinctive knurled edge found only on this issue. Perhaps the only circulation use of the 1147 / 134 “Lincoln?” die (or is that John Brown?) and an early Saloon token to boot. One of the tough “gets” for a town set as this is the only token from Montville - i.e. ten or fewer known.  Given the rarity and the  demand, this variety is very infrequently offered. This token purchased from Steve Tanenbaum in 2005 and is ex Dr. Edward Rosen collection. Reduced $2800.

NEW IL 150J-1a R5 - $70 EF-45 Die Sinker card. Reverse die 1097, only Childs liberty head with small stars, whose most common appearance is as an R4 on MI 5C-2

SOLD IL 150AC-1a R2 - $60 MS 61 Attractive pictorial featuring a trunk. Research as shown that Harlev & Johnson were in business 1873-1875 and this token has be relisted as NC-IL-B in the new storecard catalog.

IL 890B-2a R5 AU 58 - $160 Sole use of reverse die 1142 by Glaubrecht of New York City and signed by him at the bottom of the reverse. High grade, traces of blue-green iridescence in the lettering.

IN 175A-1a R6 MS 64 - $300 Caffney & McDonnell, R6 merchants. Reverse die 1226, Lanphear’s shield with legend “The Army and Navy”. Trace red.

IN 260A-3a R5 MS 63 - $200 Trace red. Dual town storecard. Now relisted as MI 60-aA-3a, under Battle Creek, MI rather than Elkhart, IN

SOLD IN 350E-2b R6 EF 45 - $250 Most common use of die 1339 Childs suit of clothes. Nice yellow brass token from Joseph Lauferty clothier in the “Cheapside Block” of Goshen, Ind.

SOLD IN 350F-1a R4 MS 61 - $180 Lawrence & Noble Stoves & Hardware, Goshen, Ind. with an attractive padlock on the obverse. Reverse die 1114 with Childs signature. Trace red on obverse, some reverse iridescence and a linear toning stain, hence the grade reduction. Ex Steve Tanenbaum 2009.