IN 430A - MI 40D


NEW IN 430A-2a R6 EF-45 $250  Most common token from scarce merchant Wm. Bickel. Reverse die 1387 the large size Masonic emblem.

NEW IN 460R-3a R5 NGC MS 63 RB $350 J.F. Senour Druggist. Most common use of scarce reverse die 1311. Broken out of NGC slab 1974020-029. Original NGC label supplied with sale.

NEW IN 530G-3a R5  MS 63 $200 L.D. Webber Stoves and Hardware, La Porte, Indiana. Most common use of scarce reverse die 1119 Childs Liberty with “Business Card 1861” legend.

NEW IN 570A-1a R7 MS 63 $350 Booth & Sturges dealers in Boots and Shoes Logansport, Indiana. Scarce R7 merchant in excellent condition. Reverse die 1318.

SOLD KY 150C-1a R4 MS 63 $350 J. Dolman Stocking Manufacturer Covinton, Kentucky. The original use of the stocking die 1278 which is very popular on patriotic 250/437. Nice strike on the stocking side, obverse rim strike is somewhat weak. Trace red.

NEW MA 115E-2a R5 MS 63 $260 Joseph H. Merriam Medalist and Die Sinker. His “Not One Cent” storecard. Toned brown, with a slight hint of blue iridescence.

NEW MA 115B-2a R4 AU 58 $260 Dunn & Company Oyster House. Most common and one of two uses of reverse die 1414 the Bunker Hill Monument (not the Washington Monument). Solid dark brown patina, lighter near the lettering. Late die states

SOLD MA 320A-1a R5 EF 45 $225 A & C.F. Wright Bay State Horse Power of Harvard, Massachusetts. Only use of reverse die 1120 Childs cornet Liberty with legend “Shop Rights for Sale in Western States.”

NEW MD 60AI-1b R9 NGC VF 35 $1275 F. Schwehr incuse on the obverse along with 1 cent denomination. Obverse plate token in the new storecard catalog. Ex Steve Tanenbaum, J.J. Ford 6/7/82, F.C.C. Boyd, A. Kosoff, Guttag.

NEW MI 40D-1a R2 MS 62 $60 Partly red, some obverse residue in the lettering, hence the reduced grade. Reverse die 1314.

NEW MI 40D-2a R6 EF 45 $150 Previously rated R9. Sole use of scarce reverse die 1315.