MI 560B - NY630M


MI 560B-3b R8 NGC AU-55 - $400 Previously rated R9. A. J. Viele, Books Stationery, Pianos & Sewing Machines Lansing Mich. Reverse is the very neat die 1321, a pocket watch with chain. 1321 is also found on an R6 and an R7 token and a few R8 & R9. Broken out from slab 1942625-011, tag included with sale.

MI 700A-2a R6 EF+ Reduced $195 $225 G.A. Colby & Co. Wholesale Groceries & Bakery of Niles, Mich. Another neat S.D. Childs product. Light brown patina, a very pleasing appearing token. Reverse is the rather scarce die 1204, a heraldic eagle. This is the sole business strike use of 1204. It also shows up on Child’s card as IL 150K-5 (now known as IL 150J-19) in CN & Nickel and MI 480C-3a, all three R9’s. I don’t have any records of 1204’s being sold in the last ten years. This is the plate token for die 1204 on page 44 of the new Storecard catalog.

MI 920D-1a R4 EF+ - $160 C.S. Patterson Druggist, Tecumseh Mich. Another very pretty S.D. Childs token featuring a little wear, a light brown patina, a mortar and pestle and reverse die 1099.

SOLD MI 740A-1a R3 MS 62 $185 20% red, much nicer than photo. I’ll rephoto after the rest of these are listed. Glazier’s Pharmacy with a large, fancy mortar and pestle.

NEW NJ 555B-1b R6 MS 62 $170 20% bright. Off-metal. Distinctive reverse 1014 with delicate “Liberty” in the Indian’s headband and five pointed stars.

NY 77A-3a R5 MS 63 Red & Brown - Reduced $225 $275 Langdon Hardware Store & Exchange Office Belmont, N.Y. with patriotic reverse 1228 featuring a Union shield and the slogan “One Country”  One of the few Lanphear products found in New York. Strictly original patina, the red in the photos looks duller than the token does in hand. 30% red obverse, 60% reverse.

NY 630M-6ao R3 MS 63 Brown - Reduced $85 $105 Broas Pie Bakers 131 41st St. N.Y. Signed “H” under the star for “Horter”, a NYC engraver / die sinker. Reverse is the end of the road for die 1061! This is the “poster child” token both for a clashed die and for a smashed die. The obverse clearly shows the outline of the Indian and especially the headdress. Presumably in the clashing process, the reverse die shattered into a jigsaw puzzle of pieces and copper from the planchet was forced into the die crevices creating the raised dikes on the reverse of this token. Combine these neat features with high grade and 20% red and you have one delightful token.

SOLD NY 630M-8b R3 MS 63 - Reduced $70 $85 Broas Pie Bakers 131 41st St. N.Y. Signed “H” under the star for “Horter”. Reverse is die 1065 - the “United We Stand” legend is placed differently and the “3” in “1863” has a flat top. This is a beautiful lustrous yellow brass. The obverse is 80% reflective and the reverse 20% reflective around the lettering and Indian.

NEW NY 630A-1b R6 MS 62 $120 10% bright. Attractive Off-metal. Much nicer than photograph which is way too green. I’ll reshoot shortly.

SOLD NY 630L-1a R3 MS 63 $75 20% red. End of the line for reverse die 1004, also known as die 18 in the patriotic series. Fabulous example of a die break!