NY630AC - NY695A


NY 630BB-11a R4 MS 64 brown - Reduced $175 $210 Monk’s Metal Signs 399 Broadway New York City. A gorgeous patriotic storecard featuring a bust of George Washington and a “Our Country” slogan. Well struck, the obverse features 30% lustrous red and the reverse is lustrous sea green - this sat in some 19th century collectors cabinet for years!

NY 630BF-1a R3 AU brown - $40 Ches Pfaff Restaurant 647 Broadway New York City. Somewhat lightly struck as is common for this issue.

NY 630AC-1a MS delaminating planchet - Reduced $750 $950 Here’s a rarity, the planchet is coming apart, but hasn’t yet separated (as is the case for the 6/268a split planchet listed earlier). The split extends completely across the obverse and at the rim edges, thin metal, almost like copper foil, is apparent. Over the “A” of “Charles” this metal was caught and folded over, but is still intact. A wonderful and unusual find!

NY 630CC-4a MS 64 Brown - Reduced $150 $165 the ever-popular Washington Exchange market oversize token featuring a fat turkey, and, rather than a display of drums, flags and canon, a display of carrots, broccoli and peaches with the sentiment “Live and Let Live.” A excellent effort by New York die sinker George Glaubrecht. This token is a glossy brown with traces of red in protected areas. It is unusually well struck, showing clarity and the center of the vegetable display not often found.

NEW NY 630AE-1a R2 NGC MS 64 $75 Reverse die 1263. 2nd edition Storecard guide obverse plate token. Reverse die 1263. Ex Q. David Bowers, Steve Tanenbaum and Richard Rossa. Broken out of NGC slab 2007175-042, original label provided with sale.

SOLD NY 630AQ-6a R3 MS 63 $65 A notorious Lindenmueller token in excellent condition with 5% red luster.

NEW NY 630AS-1b R3 MS 63 $70 C. Magnus National Printing Establishment. Maker of many Civil War postage covers. 10% bright.

NEW NY 630BF-1a R3 EF brown - $40 Ches Pfaff Restaurant 647 Broadway New York City. Better strike in the monk’s robe than the previous example, but no luster.

NEW NY 630CG-1a R3 MS 63 $95 White Hatter with sole use of storecard reverse 1051, also found in the patriotic series as 78/330 R4. White Hatter also produced an encased postage. Mad as a hatter comes from their use of toxic mercury to treat beaver skins to make the stovepipe hats of the era.

NEW NY 695A-1a R5 EF 40 $175 Marshall’s Variety Store 1862. .