NY845A - OH165CH


SOLD OH 74A-3a R6 AU-58 - $125 Previously listed as R7. D.E. Stearns of Berea, Ohio. Reverse die 522 in the Patriotic series, now known as die 31390 in the storecard series “Family & Ship Reaper & Mower Mounted Grindstones”, a misspelling it should read “Shop” instead of “Ship.” Obverse has a nice picture of a hand operated circular grindstone with a water bath below. Nice even brown tone with the slightest traces of red. Little if any wear, it wouldn’t surprise me if NGC called this MS.

NEW OH 165H-1a R8 MS 65 $1400 70% red. Superb example of Lutz’ rare die 1131 (his signature on the truncation of Ms. Liberty’s neck) All other occurrences of 1131 are as R9’s.

SOLD OH 165P-1a1 R4 $90  trace red in the lettering. “Buy your meat of Frank Beresford in Market” Nice large Masonic emblems.

OH 165U-1a R8 EF - Reduced $225 $300 Now listed as non-contemporary NC-OH-B. This is typical condition for this issue, a nice EF.

NEW OH 165BN-1a R6 MS 63 $175 trace red in the lettering. “C.G. Hartmann Grocer”. Reverse die 1248 showing a clash mark in the field under “Union.” A “Cincinnati Primitive” struck by Johnston of that city.

NEW OH 165CH-1a R6 MS 63 $175 “A. Harman”. Reverse die 1247. The difference between 1247 & 1248 can be seen in the bottom tip of the shield relative to “Union.” Another “Cincinnati Primitive” struck by Johnston of that city.