OH165CM - OH165FX


NEW OH 165CM-2a R6 MS 63 $225  J. Kirker & Co. Grocers and Produce Dealers. 10% red. Reverse die 1227 Lanphear’s Union Shield with legend “Toys and Confectionery 1863”.

NEW OH 165CY-38b R8 MS 63 $325  Late state card of W.K. Lanphear die sinker featuring stock reverse die 1348 “Bully for You”, the 1863 dated version.

NEW OH 165CY-55a R9 NGC AU 50 $350 featuring Lanphear’s Mercury head with no stars nor date, die 1129. Very rare and likely unique. The reverse is the plate token in the first and second editions of the storecard catalog. It was dropped in the recent third edition under the supposition that it is an altered 1128. However I can see no evidence of such, nor did NGC when they certified it original. A unique opportunity. Ex Alan Bleviss collection and George Fuld. Broken out of NGC slab 1972688-034, original tag provided with sale.

NEW OH 165CY-82a R8 MS 65 $1450 featuring the very popular tombstone die 1340 on LanPhear’s own card. You could hardly ask for a nicer condition. Nearly full red obverse, 10 - 20% red reverse. Appears to have been stored in a contemporary collector’s cabinet with tombstone side up where it toned while the printing side stayed new.

NEW OH 165EF-1a R5 MS 64 or better $195 sharp and attractive Stanton Indian head reverse die 1019. 5% red.

NEW OH 165EP-1a R8 VF $225 moved to the non-contemporary section in the 3rd edition storecard catalog where it is listed as NC-OH-T stating that H. Ransick wasn’t located at this address until 1872. 22.5mm. A super opportunity to get an attractive, historic pictorial storecard at a non-CWT price!

SOLD OH 165EX-1a R5 MS 64 $175 George Ritter’s Meat Store featuring Lanphear’s Lion/dragon/sea monster reverse die 1290. A beautiful example with trace red obverse.

SOLD OH 165FN-1a1 R4 MS62 or AU 58+? (or as Steve Tanenbaum used to tell me “It’s graded $90” N. Mendal Shafer Attorney & Counselor at Law. Most common use, and probably the only circulation use, of new storecard reverse die 1472. Strictly original patina, just a trace of brightness on some of the letter high points and traces of residue in some of the letters visible with my 14x glass.

NEW OH 165FX-15a R6 MS 63 $850 Die sinker’s card. Tradition has it that this is a lion on the reverse, looks more like a tiger to me - either way it looks lean and hungry... Most common use of reverse die 1282. Obverse is 90% red, reverse brown with very subdued red in the periphery.

NEW OH 165FX-16a R8 EF 45 $925 Die sinker’s card. The harder to find companion buffalo, reverse die 1283.