OH165FXa - OH975D


OH 565A-2a AU Brown - Reduced $65 $75 P. Lochary New Store Morristown Ohio. Mercury reverse die 1128 signed “Lutz” at the neck truncation. Planchet shows obverse fissures at k1 - k3 that were not struck out - as made.

OH 730A-8a R4 EF Brown - $150 Drs. Brown & Dills Dentists Piqua Ohio / Branch Office in Troy Ohio featuring a radiant Eagle on the obverse and an upper dentures on the reverse. Obverse is slightly porous. Popular dentist topic.

OH 830G-1a NGC MS 62 BN - Reduced $495 $550. Off-center die striking error. These are rarely seen with the flange extending around nearly half the circumference. In pristine NGC holder 2394708-025.

OH 170B-1a R6 EF - Reduced $95 $120 James & French have it! Clarksburg Ohio. Now delisted and included in the Non-contemporary section as NC-OH-G. The Fulds thought the 1873 date on the Indian head was a mistake as the fabric of the token was so similar to other CWT. The date has since been shown to be correct. Still a neat token and primitive Indian Head!

OH 450A-2a R3 MS - Reduced $75 $85 R. Boose Dealer in Dry Goods, Lima Ohio. Reverse is die 1091, an 1864 date Lanphear liberty head with no stars in the field. 30% red on the obverse, 10% red on the reverse, token is more attractive in hand than the pictures.

SOLD OH 765B-4a R5 AU 50 $375 Dr. D.R. Jennings Surgeon & Dentist in Ravenna Ohio. Nice brown example with just a little wear. Most common use of reverse die 1344.

NEW OH 535A-8a R4 MS 65 $195 P.G. Albright Wholesale and Retail Grocer in Massillon Ohio. 40% red obverse, 10% red reverse. Lanphear’s reverse die 1084

NEW OH 835D-2a R6 MS 62 $200 J.H. Hind’s News Depot corner of 4th & Market Steubenville Ohio. Trace red obverse. At k3 there are two tiny, old, microscope straight scratches scarcely visible with my 14x glass which accounts for the different toning in that area. Reverse die 1322.

NEW OH 880D-2a R5 MS 62 $150 Julian & Co. Watch Makers & Jewelers of Troy, Ohio. 60% red with some toning spots as seen. Lanphear’s reverse die 1320.

OH 880F-5a  R4 MS 63 Brown - Reduced $95 $115 Pearson & Bro. Wholesale & Retail Grocers Troy, Ohio. featuring a late-state reverse die 1223 which shows crumbling around the rim. Token has about 5% red in the recesses.

NEW OH 975D-1a R3 MS 65 $125 James B. Childs Clothing hats, caps & trunks of Wooster Ohio. 10% red. Only use of popular die 1406 (also known as 449 in the Patriotic series).

NEW OH 165FXa-5a MS 64 R6 $1900 Steamer Lancaster out of Cincinnati with a color story described in the new Storecard Catalog on page 445 including trips made for the US Sanitary commission with aid for the soldiers at Pittsburgh landing as well as a report that the steamship had been engaged in the illegal smuggling of Confederate cotton. Previously listed as TN 600E-5a. This token appears to have spent its life in a contemporary collector’s cabinet with the Douglas side down, preserving 90% red while the obverse is completely toned.