OH975L - WI300G


PA 750N-1a  R4 EF - Reduced $39 $48 A. Lambert Cor. 4th and Library St. Philadelphia. 1092 reverse (Type 1 gold dollar copy) used only on this token. The engraver’s signature “Jacobus” appears in mirror image at the truncation of the bust. Traces of red on the reverse, a slight scratch by the first A of Philadelphia puts this in the EF category rather than higher.

NEW OH 975L-1a R5 MS 63 $225 C. Roth Manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes of Wooster Ohio. Most common use of Lanphear’s reverse die 1317.

NEW OH 990aA-1a R2 MS 63 $120 W. & A.J. Packard of Youngstown, Ohio *and* Warren Packard Hardware and Iron of Warren, Ohio. Two merchants and two towns on one card! Previously listed under Youngstown as OH 990A-1a.

NEW PA 750P-3a R8 $200 F.P. Rogers, 937 South 10th street Philadelphia, PA Manufacturer of milk cans and dairy fixtures. 10% red. This example in attractive copper, normally found in nickel. Struck on a wide flan that seems to have been gripped by something, distorting it inward, otherwise MS 64. Ex Alan Bleviss collection. Broken out of NCS “Genuine” slab 5151333-004, original tag included with sale.

SOLD PA 750Q-1a R3 AU 58 $45 G.J. Ruelius Philadelphia City Hotel 319 North 4th Street Philadelphia. Trace red plus a little residue in some of the letters.

NEW RI 700A-4a R3 MS 63 $95 H. Dobson Arcade House 62 Broad Street Providence Rhode Island. 20% red, attractive, diminutive token.

NEW RI 700C-3a R3 MS 65 $125 Charnley No. 11 Orange Street, Providence Rhode Island. 5% red. Broken out of NGC slab 3382597-003 where it was grade MS 65 BN. Original tag included with sale.

NEW RI 700F-2a R6 AU 53 $175 H.Y. Lefevre Proprietor of the Empire Saloon 49 1/2 North Main Street. A neat primitive, large-size token with backwards N’s in Union and North, and a backwards S in Saloon. Attractive brown original patina.

NEW RI 700I-1a R7 MS 65 $1250 F.W. Shuttuck 13 Weybosset Street Providence Rhode Island paired with the Burnside Fruit Store. Most common token from this merchant, the others are off-metals.

NEW WI 300G-1b R6 AU 55 $225 H.L. Smith Iron, hardware & Wagon Stuff & etc. Janesville, Wisconsin. Childs reverse die 1111 with his signature around, 1861 date. Broken out of NGC slab 2031245-009, original label supplied with sale.