WI510L - WI920H


SOLD WI 510L-3a1 R9 EF 40 $575 William Frankfurth Stoves & Hardware. Look closely! This is not the normal reverse die with a shovel in the middle, rather this is the quite rare variety featuring a hammer in the middle. This is the reeded edge variety R9, there is also a plain edge variety, also R9 as listed in the new Storecard catalog. A total of 8 examples. A rare opportunity! Ex Alan Bleviss collection. Broken out of NGC slab 1655597-008, original label supplied with sale.

NEW WI 510AP-4a R5 $125  H. Upmeyer Jeweller 258 W. Water Street Milwaukee with Marr’s portrait of Stephan A. Douglas on the reverse. Die 1155 with Marr’s signature on the truncation of the neck. Trace of red in the protected areas of the lettering.

NEW WI 510AP-6a1 R9 $950  H. Upmeyer Jeweller Milwaukee, the other Upmeyer obverse. And the other, rare, Douglas reverse (1156) with his initials “S.A.D” beneath his bust. Strong strike, nice brown patina. Rare die.

NEW WI 920H-4a R5 MS 63 $225  Charles Goeldner Manufacturer of Harness, children’s carriages & etc. Watertown, Wisconsin. This is the most common appearance of Lanphear stock die 1341, a saddle “Saddles, bridles & c.” Obverse has a trace of red remaining.