California Tokens


CA-Altaville 3 $75 Belloni & Raggio, Good for 1 Drink. Canceled, likely by nailing to the bar. All I’ve seen are so canceled.

CA-Avery 2 $85 Scarce Calaveras county drinking establishment. Kappen lists at $20.

CA-Capitola 1 $24 Capitola Casino Club. Kappen lists at $5.

CA-Grass Valley 23 $54 Gold Rush town bakery of W.H. Freeman. Good for a Loaf of Bread.

CA-Livermore 24 $70 Morning Star Hotel, struck in nickel by Klinkner & Co. of S.F. as signed on the reverse.

CA-Mokelumne Hill 4 $225 S. Gobi Good for a Drink. Ex Chuck Dunklee & Mokelumne Hill Historical Society.

CA-Oakland 203 $44 Grove Street Baking Company. White metal.

PA-Palo Alto 31 $14 The New Varsity - Still operating at the same address in Palo Alto.

Tag or fob with bail removed $15 Beat to heck, but I’ve never seen another. Commemorates the launching of the USS California from Mare Island California in 1919. Neat!

Colony Club bawdy token. $12. Ch unc. Rev die break at K1. Lustrous, as nice as I’ve seen. Kappen Gardenia-9.