English Medals, tokens Etc.


Middlesex 1160 $160 1793 Farthing token featuring Sir Issac Newton, one of the premier scientists of the past millennium. In addition to his invention of classical mechanics, he was an independent inventor (with Leibniz) of calculus.

To Elba 1814. $110 VF brass game counter 25.4mm. The devil transporting Napoleon riding backwards on an ass to his exile on the island of Elba. “Inseperable (sic) Friends.” Reverse lists the alliance to defeat Napoleon: “We conquour (sic) to set free March 31, 1814.”

British brass counter 1817. $28 trace luster Unc game counter 25.6mm. Princess Charlotte was the only child of George, Prince of Wales who was later to become King George IV. Had she outlived both her father and grandfather (King George III), she would have become queen of England. More on Princess Charlotte here.

British brass counter 1846. $42 80% gilt (or is that luster?) AU game counter 24.5mm. The Liverpool Sailor’s Home operated from 1850 to 1969 and provided safe, inexpensive housing for sailors, educational and recreational activities. The building was demolished in 1974. See this article for more information regarding the Sailor’s Home.

British gilt brass whist counters 1830. An original set of four. $95 All are Uncirculated. 21.9mm. When Victoria became queen of England in June of 1837, Ernest Augustus I became King of Hanover and was the first English monarch to reside there since George I, hence Queen Victoria on the obverse and Ernest August riding off to Hanover. There are many varieties of these “To Hanover” tokens, most are dated 1837. Curious these have a tiny “1830” date. More on this series here. And more about Ernest Augustus I here. Both come to life in the wonderful 2017 PBS series “Victoria.”

English copper medal ca 1740. John Milton and Paradise Lost. Eimer 254. Uncirculated. $295. No dings or even tiny rim nicks. Beautiful. 41mm x 3.3mm thick. Weighs 30.7 grams.

D&H Middlesex 1048. NGC AU 55 BN. $130. British Seaman “Tom Tackle is Rich. For King and Country” / Peg-leg beggar “Tom Tackle is Poor. His Country Servd” A complaint that England failed to properly care for its veteran seamen. Struck off-center as is common for this issue. In a pristine NGC holder #2421488-029.

Reserved D&H Middlesex 678a. NGC MS 63 BN. $210.  “T. Spence 7 months imprisond for high treason” / Britannia “Rouse Britannia” Notice the liberty cap falling. Thomas Spence caused many of these lightweight halfpence to be produced. In a pristine NGC holder #2421488-027.

NEW London Coin Dealer $34 MS-63 trace red 1834 storecard of Wm. Till 17 Gt. Russell St. Covent Gardens London “Dealer in Ancient & Modern Coins Medals Antiques & c” Pretty token.