Game Counters


Fauver ECC 90 R9 $1750 Extraordinarily rare $20 size California storecard counter. Any issue from Weil and Levy is a prize, but the $20 size, and especially this one with the blank wreath reverse, is practically unheard of. Not pictured in Fauver’s 1991 Volume “Early California Counters” (the most comprehensive coverage of the series and the source of the reference numbers). Nor is it pictured in Fuld-Rulau’s listing of Counters in the December 1972 TAMS journal where it is labeled Sca-19. Also not pictured in Kurth’s 1943 listing in The Numismatic Scrapbook Magazine where it is designated Kurth 30. In Donald Miller’s 1962 list of storecards (origin of the reference numbers for 19th Century Storecards) it is assigned CA 12D and is noted as “extremely rare”, worth $125 in Fine.

About 30% golden luster is present. Well struck. A possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Early California and/or Game Counter specialist.

Rulau-Fuld Cpc-4 R4 $42 Whist Counter. 22.3mm. Well struck Unc with 85% gilt remaining. A whist counter featuring a young woman in Victorian dress and the US spread eagle from the gold coin of the period. A superlative example.

Rulau-Fuld Gnw-5 R2 $32. 19.3mm. Well struck 25% bright brass remaining in crevices. Slight residue traces visible with a glass. A fine product of the Lauer family of Nurenburg, Germany for use in the United States.

Rulau-Fuld Ket-6 R6 $95. 25.1mm. Choice VF to EF example with 10% gilt remaining on the obverse and about 30% remaining on the reverse. A copy of the contemporary US gold piece made by the Kettle family in Birmingham England for export to the US (This firm also the makers of storecards NY 921 and NY 957 for sale in the Merchant Token section).

Rulau-Fuld Jen-3a R6 $120. 22.0mm. Unc with luster traces. Jenny Lind was a Swedish opera singer often referred to as the “Swedish Nightingale.” She became famous in America as a result of her extraordinarily popular concert tour in America in 1850. The gold rush era town of Jenny Lind, CA was likely named in her honor, even though she never set foot in California.

Boston Whist Counter $45, beautiful, lustrous Unc.

Rulau-Fuld Kos-1 R5 $28. 27.6mm, holed as made. EF+ to AU with 60% gilt remaining and some very slight residues in the lettering visible with a 10x glass. A talented orator, Lajos (Louis) Kossuth rose from poor gentry into regent-president of the Kingdom of Hungary. He is known as a freedom-fighter and the father of democracy in Hungary. While in exile he toured the United States and was extremely popular. He was the second foreigner, after Marquis de Lafayette, to address the Joint Meeting of Congress.

Rulau-Fuld Kos-2 R5 $18. 27.6mm, nice EF with some residues. These tokens / counters (they are listed as game counters by Rulau-Fuld) were likely issued in support of his US tour.

Rulau-Fuld Tom-1 R4 $85. 22.3mm, nice AU with residue and luster traces in the lettering and crevices. Neat copy of the contemporary US quarter obverse and featuring General Tom Thumb on the reverse.