Hard Times Tokens


HT 204  $85 T. Duseaman of Belleville New Jersey. Broken reverse die as always. Made by the “Belleville Mint” which made many of the Bouquet Sou which circulated in lower Canada. Attractive dark chocolate original patina. VF or so.

HT 204B $425 Card of T.D. Seaman, also of Belleville New Jersey and also with the attractive Bouquet Sou reverse. A very scarce item, rated R5 by Rulau (31 to 75 estimated to survive, the scale used by Rulau is different than the Fuld scale for some reason). The token isn’t as shiny as the picture makes it seem, there is some reflection from the lighting. The token is a nice dark VF 20 ish, excepting a sizable old gouge under the bull - “A friend to the constitution” I believe a reference to the stalwart Daniel Webster.

HT 368  $60 R2 N. Starbuck & Son Troy Air Furnace. Ploughs, plough castings, & sleigh shoes, Mill gearing, Potash kettles & cauldrons. Troy, NY. Nice VF.

HT 295  $75 R2 James G. Moffet Brass Founder. Nice EF-40 or better.

HT 353  $55 R2 Nice light brown VF.

HT 349  $125 R5 but tooled, probably in the 19th century, to pass as very worn specimen of the extremely rare and valuable R8 HT 351. Copies of correspondence with Stacks & George Fuld (while at Kagan’s) re this token included in sale. A neat, attractive filler for even advanced Hard Times Token collections!

HT 20 $140 Nice AU with traces of luster and some residues. One one side the ship of state and it’s constitution sailing fine atop the Credit Current created by Daniel Webster’s support and backing of the charter of the Bank of the United States. On the other side, the disastrous result of Van Buren’s Metallic Current (Coin pulled from circulation) resulting from Jackson’s failing to renew the Bank’s charter.

HT 70 $120 Nice AU with traces of luster and some residues. The original “Jack in the Box?” Jackson taking responsibility for the management of funds of the US government (as opposed to the “pet” banks of Congress). Reverse Jackson depicted as a stubborn Jack Ass (with an honorary doctorate from Harvard) interpreting the Constitution as he cares to ...

SOLD HT 25 NGC MS 61 BN. $320. A Plain System Void of Pomp / The Constitution as I Understand it.” Seems *much* nicer to me than the grade on the holder. In a pristine NGC holder #2421488-003.

HT 81 R2 Half Naked Slave in chains NGC MS 61 BN. $600. Am I not a Woman & a Sister 1838 / United States of America Liberty 1838” In a pristine NGC holder #2421488-007.

HT 304 NGC AU 58 BN. $300. No 35 Bowery New York 1837 / Phalons New & Splendid style of Hair Cutting.” In a pristine NGC holder #2421488-009.