Merchant Tokens


IL 8 $110 Card of Burbank and Shaw Chicago 1845.  Dark chocolate brown VF, no problems.

IL 12 $320 Hamilton & White Dry Goods Chicago 1845.  Light brown VF, neat early pictorial: a “Prairie Schooner” “Going to 139 Lake Street.” Scarce. Typical, somewhat uneven obverse strike.

IL 100 $200 Chicago Watchmaker’s check. Presumably from Chicago due to the reverse die being married with the Burbank & Shaw obverse. Delightful primitive design with the leaf and star punches, reminiscent (and preceding) H.D. Higgins use of primitive die punches in making the Indiana Primitive Civil War Tokens.

IL 44 $200 VF Double card of Williams Dry Goods and Groceries of Belvidere, IL and N.C. Amsden of Genoa, IL. Another scarce early Illinois pictorial.

Insurance Token in German silver $28  Presumably issued to policy holders for identification in the event of an accident. An attractive example.

ME-Fa 1 nice AU $28 luster traces & some residue traces. Per Wikipedia: Chester Greenwood “... invented the earmuff in 1873, at the age of 15. He reportedly came up with the idea while ice skating, and had his grandmother sew tufts of fur between loops of wire... He manufactured these ear protectors, providing jobs for people in the Farmington area, for nearly 60 years.”

MI 10 EF+ - AU $38 luster traces & some residue traces. Neat pictorial featuring an padlock and cast iron cook stove. Interestingly, many fine die breaks in the padlock side lettering (e.g. STO of stove, il of retail, top of ERS of dealers).

Baker 204. Copper 32mm. NGC MS 64 RB. $325. Washington “George Washington born February 22, 1732” / Franklin “Benjamin Franklin born Jan. 17. 1706.” Both dies are signed “Merriam” and have is characteristic rope border. In a pristine NGC holder #2421488-026.

1964 Montana Territory Slug Facsimile:  Jankovsky J964G - $45 Uncirculated MS-64 or better. Reflectivity makes it hard to photograph. NGC 64’s are listed at $125 slabbed on eBay.