Centennial of Washington’s Death. $55 16.5 mm diameter, thick (2.0mm). Full gilt, old rim test scrape @obv k11 (not solid gold). Beautiful diminutive medal, signed “K” on the truncation of the bust.

SOLD MVB 1843-3 Strong counterstamp on 1842 cent. NGC VF 30. $275. In a pristine NGC holder #2421488-010.

AL 1860-32 NGC MS 63 BN. 34mm copper. Ex Sullivan Collection. $875. “The Right Man in the Right Place” nice adjunct to the 126 CWT die. In a pristine NGC holder #2421488-012.

AL 1860-37 NGC MS 63 RB. 31mm copper. $625. “Free Territory for a Free People / Let Liberty be National & Slavery Sectional” a “live and let live” sentiment. Obverse signed “J.D.L” for John D. Lovett active in New York from 1848-1859. In a pristine NGC holder #2421488-011.

JBELL 1860-7 NGC MS 65 RB. 27.7mm copper nickel. $425. “John Bell, Union Candidate for the Presidency. 1860 / The Constitution and the Union, Now and Forever” Signed “R.L.” (Robert Lovett of Philadelphia). In a pristine NGC holder #2421488-017.

GMcC 1864-25 NGC MS 64. 24.2mm brass. $375. “George B. McClellan / The Union Must and Shall be Preserved” signed “G.H.” on the obverse, presumably for George H. Lovett. The reverse eagle is particularly ineffectual with his short stubby wings... In a pristine NGC holder #2421488-016.