References & Useful Links


Essential References:

  1. A Guide Book of Civil War Tokens, History - Values - Rarities, an Official Red Book, by Q. David Bowers, published by Whitman Publishing LLC in August 2013. 438 pages, thousands of color photographs at 50% enlargement. Describes and pictures all dies used in the Patriotic series and the numbered Storecard reverse dies. For each of these dies, describes the other dies with which it was used and provides 2013 pricing information for the most common usage. While this volume does not obviate the need for the next two reference catalogs, it is a beautiful and inexpensive addition to one’s library and a good first CWT book for someone curious about the scope of CWT. Especially valuable are the chapters describing in detail the economic climate in which CWT were produced and the history of collecting and cataloging CWT. The book is available from Amazon and is even available as an ebook for one’s Kindle, iPad or computer. See this link Amazon.

  2. Patriotic Civil War Tokens, 5th edition by George and Melvin Fuld. 2007. This is the oft-referenced Patriotic Catalog which pictures in black and white the die numbers 1 through 537 constituting the Patriotic series and lists all combinations of those dies used with each other, in which metals, and assigns a rarity rating. It also contains introductory material, a glossary, information on die sinkers and ascription of dies to die sinkers, and die-a-grams that help differentiate similar dies. This is referred to as PatV5 by this web site.

  3. Brand New!! At last after 40 years!! U.S. Civil War Storecards, 3nd edition by George and Melvin Fuld, John Ostendorf editor. 2014 . This is the oft-referenced Storecard Catalog which pictures in full color the die numbers 1000 through 1476, and all of the obverse dies (containing the merchant’s name) constituting the Storecard series and lists all combinations of those dies used with each other, in which metals, and assigns a rarity rating. The extensive listings (over six hundred pages) are sorted alphabetically by State, then City, then Merchant surname, and finally by reverse die number. This is referred to as SC75 by this web site.

These references are both available from the Civil War Token Society (CWTS), from many token dealers, and periodically on eBay.

Other important references include:

  1. Civil War Sutler Tokens, by David E. Schenkman. 1983, which is the definitive catalog on this topic. This series has a number of pictorial designs which have been incorporated into the Type Sets (See A, HE, LT, S6 and others). I believe this volume is out of print, but is available occasionally on eBay and from Steve Hayden’s web site which has a number of CWT and other exonumia for sale. This is referred to as Sut83 by this web site.

  2. Identification Discs of Union Soldiers in the Civil War, a Complete Classification Guide and Illustrated History, by Maier & Stahl. 2008. The definitive catalog of its topic commonly known as soldier dog tags, which frequently carry patriotic images and sentiments. These have been incorporated in the medals section for many types (See AL, Cs, GM, GW, HE, Rm, S and others). This volume is available on Amazon and is referred to as ID08 by this web site.

  3. The Civil War Token Collectors Guide, Including Complete Token Valuations Year 2002, by Bryon Kanzinger. Best known for providing a value estimate for each of the 10,000 Civil War Token varieties in F/VF, XF and Unc (MS-62). It also has sections describing storecards by topic (e.g. butchers, dry goods, etc.), town rarities and die rarities for each individual die number. This volume is available from a variety of sources and is referred to here as Kanz01.

  4. A Century of Campaign Buttons 1789 - 1889, by J. Doyle DeWitt. 1959. Still the catalog for political campaign medals struck for each candidate. Many of these contain patriotic sentiments and designs and for the most part are not included in the Type Sets, as most often, they were intended to be worn as opposed to spent. However there is overlap in the series, many medals have been added to the Patriotic Catalog in past revisions. Being out of print, this volume is harder to obtain than the others, but well worth the effort and expense. This is referred to as DeWitt by this web site.

  5. Reprints of the Journal of the Civil War Token Society. Published continuously since 1967, this octavo quarterly periodical contains member-written articles about Civil War and Sutler tokens, many very well researched. References to are indicated by JCWTS, followed by the volume number and page(s). These are available from the Civil War Token Society:

  6. Volumes 1 - 6: Autumn 1967 (V1 #1) through Winter 1972 (V6 #4)

  7. Volumes 7 - 10: Spring 1973 (V7 #1) through Winter 1976 (V10 #4)

  8. Volumes 11 - 16: Spring 1977 (V11 #1) through Fall 1982 (V16 #3). V12#4 contains an index by die number. V13#1 contains an index of articles by topic for Volumes 1 - 12#2.

  9. Volumes 16 - 20: Winter 1982 (V16 #4) through Winter 1986 (V20 #4). V20#4 contains an index of articles by topic, die number, author etc. is included for Volumes 11 - 20.

  10. Volumes 21 - 25: Spring 1987 (V21#1) through Winter 1991 (V25#4)

  11. Volumes 26 - 30: Spring 1992 (V26#1) through Winter 1996 (V30#4). An index of articles by topic, die number, author etc. is included for Volumes 21 - 30.

  12. Individual issues of the Journal from Spring 1997 (V31#1) to date (for those that are still available) may be ordered from the CWTS.

  13. Standard Catalog of United States Tokens 1700 - 1900, by Russell Rulau. 3rd edition 1999 & 4th edition 2004, published by Krause Publications and now out of print but periodically available from numismatic book dealers and on eBay. This is referred to here as Rulau and is the standard reference for catalog numbers for 19th century US storecards.

  14. Medals of the United State Mint - The First Century 1792-1892, by R.W. Julian. Published by the Token and Medal Society in 1977. The standard reference for its topic. Defines the commonly accepted ID numbers. I believe it is out of print but available on the web in the $100 and upwards price range.

References cited in the Type Set expansion sections include:

  1. The Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century Illustrated, by Dalton & Hamer. 1910. This is the standard catalog reference for English half penny tokens issued prolifically in the 1790’s. There have been several reprints: 1967 in red cloth, 1977 by Quarterman Publications, 1990 with an additional thirty-page introduction added, 1996, and the most recent in 2004. Out of print but generally available online with patience and money. Referred to here as D&H.

  2. Charlton Standard Catalog of Canadian Colonial Tokens, 7th edition 2010 is the standard catalog reference for Canadian colonial tokens and is referred to here as Charlton.