Sutler Tokens


NEW IL J25B R8 EF $450  A.H. Davis W.L.M. Rec 45th Illinois, good for 25c in goods at the sutlers store. Large quarter-sized (25mm) token featuring Childs’ heraldic eagle with stars above. Ex Henry South Collection.

NEW PA B25C R6 VF $425 William E. Wood sutler for 2nd PA Artillery. Good for 25 cent in trade. Ex Henry South Collection, ex Steve Tanenbaum 6/15/1991. When I purchased this from Steve this was the nicest of about six of these that he had. He said all are VFish.

NEW PA C25Ca R6 VF $525 George McAlpen Sutler for 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Good for 25 cent. Signed Jacobus Phila on the obverse. Neat large obverse die break.

NEW PA I10Bb EF 45 $275 J.A. Garman 54th Pennsylvania Volunteers with heraldic eagle reverse. Incuse counterstamp 10X, presumably the X was added so that some enterprising soldier didn’t counterstamp another 0 to make it a dollar! Broken out of NGC slab 3265927-004, original label provided with sale.