To my wife Michelle for putting up with my fixation. (She’s a clinical psychologist and has the tools...)

To all the Exonumia dealers who have helped me build my collection. I appreciate their professionalism, their choice of profession, the information and insights they’ve shared with me, and their willingness to sell me some really remarkable tokens. Thanks to Steve Tanenbaum, Steve Hayden, Joe Levine, Chuck Kirtley, Ernie Latter, Bret Palser, Benj Fauver, John Coker, Walt Korzick Sr., David Gale, Rich Hartzog, and many others.

To all who have shared with me their enthusiasm for the era and the exonumia. I have to begin with my Uncle Richard who instilled in me a keen interest in the Civil War when I was a child growing up in Virginia during the Civil War centennial. To my compatriots in the Fremont Coin Club who listened with interest to my descriptions of latest acquisitions. To Steve Tanenbaum and Steve Hayden for the many years, even decades of visiting their bourse tables and just parking there, happily going through box after box, amassing treasure and passing the time in conversation.

To Benj Fauver for an exonumia education and many hours of engaged conversation.

To Bret Palser for his unbounded enthusiasm for CWT. He was an inspiration.